UNT System no longer provides McAfee Antivirus.

Antivirus software is an important part of protecting personal computer systems. It is recommended to do research on your best options. UNT System no longer provides McAfee Antivirus. Native antivirus software such as Windows Defender is already included with new operating systems.


Enabling Microsoft Defender

NOTE: Windows Defender cannot be enabled when another antivirus is installed.

1. From the Windows Start menu, scroll down and select Windows Security:

Windows Security

2. On the Windows Security screen, check if any antivirus program has been installed and running on your computer:

Virus & threat protection

Green Checkmark: An antivirus program is present and running on your system.

Virus & threat protection

Red X or No Checkmark: No antivirus program is present on your system and Windows Defender is not enabled on your computer.  Please proceed to step 3 to enable Windows Defender.

3. Click on Virus & threat protection

4. Select Virus & threat protection settings:

Virus and Theat Protection

5. Turn on Real-time protection:

Real-Time Protection