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The UNT System Service Desk provides information technology-related services to all UNT System staff. We provide our services at various locations across Texas from Austin to Denton to Dallas.

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Microsoft Teams Update to New Version – Launching January 2024

In early January 2024, Microsoft will automatically update the Microsoft Teams desktop application to new Teams. The new Microsoft Teams app was reimagined from the ground up for a faster, simpler, and more flexible experience.

There is no major impact to the user experience for new Teams. The transition will be seamless, and you'll be able to continue to use the features you're currently used to.

Between now and January 2024, you can continue to use the classic Teams desktop application without interruption.


Benefits of the New Teams

Image which shows 2 times faster


The new Teams app is up to twice as fast while consuming up to 50% fewer resources.

  • App launch: 2X faster
  • Join meetings: 2X faster
  • Switch chat and channels: 1.7X faster
  • Memory consumption: 50% less


Image showing some features on Teams


A simpler user experience that makes it easier to do more in fewer clicks.

  • Streamlined actions: Less clutter for notifications, search, and messages.
  • Personalized experiences: Threaded conversations and interactive emoji give users more expressive collaboration.
  • Simplified meetings: Meet app, meeting stage, and presenter views.


Image showing flexible features on Teams


Seamless cross-tenant communication and collaboration across organizations with multiple tenants and multiple accounts.

  • Side-by-side cross-tenant collaboration: Seamlessly chat and meet with users inside and outside of your home tenant.
  • Improved people search: Identify the correct colleague with improved people search results across multiple tenants.
  • Improved collaboration across organizational boundaries: Users stay signed into multiple accounts simultaneously and receive real-time notifications.