Progress Updates

Header graphic with the words Moving Forward and green arrows

Teams & Operations Unification

  • Partnering with Deloitte to help guide and support IT organization transformation
  • Completed the following team realignments thus far:
    • Data Analytics (2022)
    • Cybersecurity (2022)
    • Campus + System IT leadership (June 2023)
    • Infrastructure, Network & Telecom (July 2023)
  • Focus on core IT competencies and responsibilities
    • eSports transition (July 2023)
  • Adopt standard performance management methodology
    • Leverage Objective Key Results (OKRs) goal-setting framework


  • Unified storage, backup and recovery platforms deployed
  • Hybrid infrastructure roadmap and cloud strategy defined


  • IT Governance Workshop
    • Build/optimize governance structure and processes
    • Establish accountability for decision making
    • Plan transition to optimized structure and processes
  • IT Vendor Management
    • Key initiative roadmap defined and underway
    • Comprehensive process flows & vendor matrix documented
    • Current cost avoidance over $150,000 in the next 3 years
  • Asset Management
    • Data gathering process underway

Efficiencies / Synergies

  • Current efforts have led to the convergence of 1 redundant vacant Infrastructure role (not backfilled) with an additional 2 vacant roles identified
  • Shifted administrative support workload from UNTD to SYS IT Finance & Bus. Ops.
    • Leverage available resources and expertise
    • Free up capacity for UNTD Finance team and need for admin support position