Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Multi-factor authentication improves the security of technology, which in turn protects sensitive information from being accessed and used by unauthorized people. It reduces the risks of identity theft and financial loss to employees and the university. Multi-factor authentication is also being implemented to comply with state law, Texas Administrative Code §202.76.
A subsidiary of Cisco, Duo is the leading provider of unified access security and multi-factor authentication delivered through the cloud. To learn more, visit
You can find instructions for enrolling in Duo at Multi-Factor Authentication.
After you enroll in Duo, you will only need to use multi-factor authentication to access applications requiring multi-factor authentication, but you only need to register once in order to take advantage of the protection that Duo provides.
If you elect to have a passcode sent to your device, you will only need to use the passcode when you wish to access applications requiring multi-factor authentication. The passcode is only good for a limited time. You do not need to keep it. If you need to access the same application again, you can generate a new passcode.
If you would like to receive a passcode to access applications requiring multi-factor authentication, Duo will ask you to choose an option for authenticating: “Call Me”, “Enter Passcode”, or “Send Me a Push”. Select “Enter a Passcode” and select “Text Me New Codes”. Duo will send a text containing the passcode to your registered device. Enter the passcode that you received into the application to be allowed access.
If your UNT Office 365 account is set to use Duo MFA, you will occasionally need to approve Duo authentication prompts on your device when you access O365 services such as UNT email, OneDrive, and online Office applications. The frequency of the Duo MFA prompts depends on the service you are accessing and the duration of your login session. Some services, such as the Outlook program running on your computer, will rarely prompt for MFA. Other services, such as UNT webmail with your browser, will prompt more often. The Duo MFA prompt may offer a "Remember me" option to reduce how often you need to approve MFA when logging in.


Begin by visiting the online tutorial at Steps for Using DUO Multifactor Authentication.

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If you have any questions or need assistance, you may contact your local department’s IT support group or your campus helpdesk.