Employee Action Group

The System IT Employee Action Group (EAG) promotes a culture of service excellence while engaging employees through special events and a recognition program.

Our focus is to identify, recommend, and assist in implementing programs across organizational lines that promote a better work environment.  EAG presents staff ideas, questions, and concerns to the department’s leadership about issues important to them.

We also organize events which serve to encourage employee engagement. These events may be assisting charities, another department on campus or a social event where we can foster  relationships for our new employees. The EAG sponsors a program to assist onboarding new employees.

Employee Action Group current members:

  • Burt Brinegar
  • Kristina Randolph
  • Linda Poole
  • Meghashree Prasad
  • Michelle McCauley
  • Soumya Kuduvan
  • Yancey Yeargan