Cellphones, Discounts, Policies, and Ordering

Providers and UNT System Employee Discounts

AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon are the cellphone providers for the UNT System Administration and components, with AT&T as the primary provider.

Get information on employee cellphone discount eligibility programs.

Telephone Use, Ethics, and Reimbursement Policies

Each university within the UNT System has its own policy regarding cellphones, telephones, fax machines, wireless devices, and data plan allowances.

University of North Texas policies:

UNT Health Science Center policies:

UNT at Dallas policies:

UNT System Administration policies:

New Cellphone Request Form

Cellphones and related services are only available to departments within the university system. A valid department identification number is required.

Form must be complete and include the department head’s name and signature and the dean or vice-president’s name and signature.

University-Owned Cellphone/PCD Request form for a new university-owned cellphone

Problems, Plan Changes, and Upgrades for University Phones

All university-owned cellphones come with a one-year warranty. If your university phone is broken or worn out, you can request a new phone through ServiceNow.

If you want to change your cellphone plan or upgrade your university phone, submit a ServiceNow ticket. Please note that cellphones and plan pricing may change. The university is not eligible for rebates, internet specials, family plans, or multiple line deals on cellphones. All cellphone allowances are processed via electronic payroll action request (ePAR).

Address any questions about this page or contact the department: telecom.support@untsystem.edu